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Gait variables comparison between pregnant women with and without lumbopelvic pain

Vanessa Patrícia Soares de Sousa; Vitória Jéssica Teixeira Dantas; Silvia Oliveira Ribeiro Lira; Alethéa Cury; Caroline N. A. Medeiros; Elizabel de Souza Ramalho Viana

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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES: The various gestational adaptations may lead to changes in the gait pattern. Also, the lumbopelvic pain in this period can impact the gait dynamics. The objective of this study was to compare gait variables between pregnant women with and without lumbopelvic pain, according to the gestational trimesters, and to compare the outcome variables between the second and third gestational trimesters.

METHODS: Analytical and cross-sectional study with 277 pregnant women. They were divided into two groups, considering the gestational trimester as a grouping factor. Subsequently, the two groups were subdivided considering the absence or presence of lumbopelvic pain. All participants were submitted to the evaluation protocol: identification form, visual analog scale, and gait assessment using the Balance Master System®.

RESULTS: The chronological age averages of the second and third-trimester groups were, respectively, 29.9±4.6 and 29.7±3.7 years. When comparing gait variables between pregnant women with and without lumbopelvic pain, a statistically significant difference was observed only for the gait velocity (p=0.04) in the third-trimester group.

CONCLUSION: It is suggested that women in the third trimester with complaints of lumbopelvic pain have reduced gait velocity when compared to those without pain.


Gait, Low back pain, Pregnancy


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