Brazilian Journal of Pain
Brazilian Journal of Pain

The Brazilian Journal of Pain (BrJP), printed version: ISSN 2595-0118 and electronic version: ISSN 2595-3192, and the Sociedade Brasileira para o Estudo da Dor (SBED - Brazilian Society for the Study of Pain) multidisciplinary medical magazine is publication that focuses on the study of pain in the contexts of clinics and research.

The BrJP is directed towards all health professionals, including biologists, biomedical professionals, dentists, physical educators, nurses, pharmacists, pharmacologists, physiologists, physiotherapists, doctors, veterinary doctors, nutritionists, psychologists, occupational therapists, etc., and all professionals in any area of knowledge interested in the study and treatment of pain, members or not of the Sociedade Brasileira para o Estudo da Dor (SBED).

The articles are the sole responsibility of the authors. The authors are fully responsible for the articles. The periodicity is quarterly and since May 2020 the articles have also been published in the modality of advanced publication or Ahead of Print (AOP)

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Irimar de Paula Posso


Published by:
Sociedade Brasileira para o Estudo da Dor (SBED)


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